My name is Søren. This is my blog, where I write about technology and whatever else comes to my mind. I live in Denmark with my lovely girlfriend and our two daughters.

I love learning. I spend a lot of time researching new technologies to determine if they can be put to use in projects I am involved in. I am very passionate about technology.

I love writing clean code. In my current position I am one of the front-runners for improving code quality. I believe a development team should aim to write code in the same way, so that everybody in the team will easily be able to understand and work with the code.

I do not consider a product done until it has “sufficient” automated test coverage. I use the term sufficient because I do not believe a 100% test coverage is something to strive for in itself. Every test should have real value - and it should help you refactor code and add new features without breaking existing features.

Thanks for reading!