Forcing HTTPS on your static blog

Google started using HTTPS as a ranking signal, which means that adding HTTPS to your site will give you a better Google ranking score. If you want your blog to benefit from that, you can turn on HTTPS - and optionally redirect HTTP to HTTPS. A very easy way to do this is with Cloudflare. If you move your DNS nameservers to Cloudflare, you can leverage their SSL features. After moving to Cloudflare, turn on “Flexible SSL” for your domain. After a short while you will be able to access your site on HTTPS.

If you want to force HTTP redirects to HTTPS you can also do this with Cloudflare. Go to Page Rules and enter *<yourdomain>/* into the URL pattern, and then switch the toggle for “Always use https” to ON. Cloudflare will now automatically redirect any HTTP traffic to the HTTPS endpoint.